CO2 Removal: Nordic Innovation Power

Skift and Zero held a webinar discussing CO2 removal in the Nordic Region.


On the 25ht of october, Skift- Business Climate Leaders and the environmental organization ZERO held a webinar on CO2 removal in the Nordic region. At the event we heard from different CO2 removal projects in the Nordic countries and discussed what policy changes are needed to quickly scale up negative emissions technologies.

The potential for technical and nature based CO2 removal in the Nordic region are substantial. The countries have a huge historic responsibility as large emitters, but also represent the solution in many ways. The region has frontrunners in business, and some countries have implemented effective policy measures to effectively finance CO2 removal projects.

The goal of the webinar was to highlight the Nordic countries' ambitions, status and strengths when it comes to so-called negative emissions and the need for net zero strategies. We also wanted to investigate if there are possible cross border learnings, and ways of cooperation.

This webinar is a part of the project “Nordic Innovation Power” which focuses on discussing what policy changes are needed to quickly scale up green innovations in the Nordic region through regionally wide meetings with the discussion summarized in a policy paper.

Watch the recording of the event here.

Find the time of the different speakers and their presentations here:

00:00: Anders Lyngfelt, Professor at University of Chalmers (SWE) 

09:08: Martine Mørk, Advisor, ZERO (NO)

21:00: Mikkel Krogsgaard Niss, head of secretariat, Carbon Capture Cluster Copenhagen (C4) (D)

32:00: Silja Eythorsdottir, Communication and marketing, Carbfix (ISL)

44:00: Aslak Hellestø, Business advisor, Northern Lights (NO)

55:40: Arnaud Defrance, Vice president Carbon removal solutions, Puro Earth (FIN)

1:00:00: Karolina Unger, CEO Klimpo (SWE) - video

1:14:00: A conversation between Bjørn Haugland, CEO Skift (NO) and Tuuli Kaskinen, CEO CLC (FIN)

“Climate Neutral Nordics” is a collaboration between Skift – Business Climate Leaders (Norway), Haga Initiative (Sweden) and Climate Leadership Coalition, CLC (Fin) aiming to facilitate collaboration between business and policy to contribute to the vision in the Nordic region to become the most sustainable and integrated region in the world in 2030. The 4 year project is financed by the Nordic Ministry of Councils, and started out in 2021.

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