European business leaders call for higher ambitions in the EU 2030 emission target

Postet tirsdag 8. des. 2020

A twitter storm of the hashtags #2030CEOLetter, #EU2030 and #EUCO erupted ahead of the videoconference of European Affairs Ministers today. The ministers will prepare the European Council, and business leaders from over 200 international companies and organizations urge them to raise the emission targets to at least 55 percent.

In a letter signed by the respective CEOs, most with a spesific statement of support, the case for strict emissions target is laid out: To promote a green transition in the business sector, and a more sustainable and robust economy in Europe, we have to make sure that emission cuts and zero emission, low impact solutions are favored in the marketplace.

– Increasing the emission reduction targets within the EU would be both inspiring and reassuring for businesses seeking to be a part of the climate solution. It sends a clear signal that there will be a market for the goods and services they are currently developing, says Bjørn Kjærand Haugland, the CEO og Skift - Business Climate Leaders, which support the initiative.

Norways roadmap to 55 percent reductions

Skift Business Climate Leaders has together with PwC, made an interactive platform envisioning Norways path to 55 percent cuts divided into the different sectors of the economy - in line with the CEO letters demands.

– This will be a powerful platform for businesses seeking a competitive advantage in the race towards a zero emission future. The sectors that have the most emissions to cut, is also the sectors with the biggest opportunities for innovation, says Haugland, adding that the current version of the platform will be streamlined and available in english shortly.

– Skift support this call to action because the voice of business need to be loud and unified demanding a framework that enable us to succeed with the Paris Agreement, he concludes.