Nordic Perspectives: Navigating the voluntary carbon removal market

Join us for a discussion on the voluntary carbon removal market from a nordic perspective.

04 okt. 2023

Join us for this after-talk, following THE BioCCUS Conference in Stockholm.

The voluntary market for carbon removal credits is witnessing unprecedented growth; Corporations are increasingly looking for carbon removal credits to offset their residual emissions. Yet, it remains hard to navigate within the world of carbon removal due to fragmented marked standards and governmental guidelines. In the Nordic region, national policies to catalyse carbon removal projects are evolving rapidly, and exciting projects are underway.

The question that looms is: How can government procurement of carbon removal and the voluntary market for carbon credits harmoniously coexist?

In this session, we will explore the challenges and seize upon the opportunities within the voluntary market for carbon removal credits.

Agenda (will be updated):

  • Anne Marit Post-Melbye, Head of Industry, Zero
  • Martine Mørk, Advisor Industry, Zero
  • Markus Sebastian Hole, Head of Public Affairs Oslo Celsio
  • Karolina Unger, CEO Klimpo
  • Tomas Thyblad, Head of ESG Solutions, European Markets, Vice President at Nasdaq
  • Olle Billinger, Advisor in Climate and Sustainable Finance, SEB
  • Joel Fitton, Director Carbon Removals, Aker Carbon Capture
  • Antti Koulumies, Senior Vice President Timber & Forest, UPM

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We look forward to seeing you there.

This event is part of the workstream Nordic Innovation Power,a part of the Climate Neutral Nordic project led by Skift- Business Climate Leaders(NOR), Climate Leadership Coalition(FIN) and Hagainitiativet(SWE).

The project is supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers.