Climate and security: How to navigate in the new geopolitical context?

Skift is inviting to the webinar “Climate and security: how to navigate in the new geopolitical context?”

28 feb. 2023

The geopolitical context is changing rapidly. We are learning to live and work in an uncertain normal. During the mix of conflict and crises we are also in the midst of a green transformation. How we handle the current situation will affect the future for businesses and the climate.

How is the current situation affecting the EU and its climate actions? What are the challenges facing value chains as businesses work to make them greener? How can Nordic collaboration contribute to ensure resilience and development?

Bjørn Kjærand Haugland, CEO Skift –Business Climate Leaders

Climate Change and Security
- threat multiplier: Emma Hakala, Finnish Insittute of International Affairs (FIN)

International cooperation:

Terhi Lehtonen, State Secretary Ministry of the Environment (FIN)

Ola Elvestuen, former Minister of Climate and Environment (NO)

Path forward EU:

Paal Frisvold, EU Climate Pact Ambassador (NO)

Perspectives from business:

Tord Hustveit, Advisor, Politics and Ownership at Stakraft (NO)

Sara Fossum, Sustainability Manager at Laerdal Medical (NO)

Path forward, Arctic:

Tobias Etzvold, Senior Research Fellow at NUPI (NO)

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