Norway203040 changes its name to Skift

Postet fredag 23. aug. 2019

Norway203040 changes its name to Skift in line with the increased governmental ambitions to cut Norway’s GHG emissions by an additional 5% within 2030. Despite these new objectives, emissions are still increasing. With this current emission rate UN Organizations and scientists alert alarming consequences with regard to nature destruction, biodiversity, migration and extreme weather. We are in a state of urgency. We need a shift:

– Snøhetta developed Skift’s name, visual identity and website. We’re facing critical climate choices and the name, as well as the graphical profile, also substantiates the behavioral changes Norwegian businesses need to make in order to create a positive shift, Tonje Værdal Frydenlund from Snøhetta says.

Skift is a climate initiative, led by businesses, that was established in 2015 when the government adopted that Norway is to cut 40 percent of its total GHG emissions by 2030. Now, the government has increased its ambition and are going to cut the country’s emissions by 45 percent by 2030. At the same time the EU is discussing an increase of its goal, to 55 percent.

Further increasing our force

- At Skift, leaders within business look upon climate changes as a threat, but also a great possibility for responsible value creation. Our effort has not been strong enough, but we now have renewed energy in the form of a strong CEO in Bjørn Kjærand Haugland and the concrete challenge of the governments increased emission cut goal for 2030.

The purpose of Skift is to identify new business opportunities on the road to a low-emission society, and be a force for achieving Norway’s climate goals by 2030.

Skift will – for both business and state – shine a light on what business opportunities exist in the transition to a low-emission society and point to the necessary measures. We believe that Norway has the right preconditions for a green restructuring, and that Norway and norwegian businesses can provide a guiding path to a low-emission society.

By uniting business climate leaders across sectors our goal is to bring forward a shift in mindset, leadership and culture that can contribute to accelerating the road to a low-emission society and create a sustainable business with good jobs and innovative climate solutions.

We have no time to lose.

We are Skift – Business Climate Leaders