Big Climate Shifts

Climate reporting from businesses is increasingly important for investors seeking information. Trustworthy communication increases the confidence in sustainable products and services

Climate reporting should involve:

1. Greenhouse gas emissions (scope 1-3)

2. Verifiable goals for emission cuts

3. Climate risk reporting in line with TCFD

The members of Skift commit to report in line with this from 2021 and onwards, and presented this along with our second aggregated emissions report for the Norwegian prime minister, Erna Solberg, in october 2020. Skift also stresses the importance of starting to align activities with the EU taxonomy for sustainable activities.

In addition to demanding good reporting, the finance industry must increasingly support green business development and the use of instruments targeted at triggering investments in the business sectors Norway wishes to strengthen.


Odd Arild Grefstad

Odd Arild Grefstad

CEO at Storebrand


Sverre Thornes

Sverre Thornes


Øystein Bø

Øystein Bø

CEO at Formuesforvaltning