Construction and Buildings

Big Climate Shifts

Better utilization of the buildings we already have and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions are the most important measures for a greener construction and buildings sector.

The construction sector stands for approx. 40% of global energy consumption and approx. 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions. The UNIPCC points out that a large part of the building stock that exists today will exist in 2050 and that rehabilitation and upgrading of existing building stock are important measures to reduce emissions.

We believe that the largest shifts we must contribute to in this sector are to make better use of existing buildings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions when we rehabilitate, upgrade and build new.

The industry is well on its way to setting goals and identifying solutions for significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and finding innovative solutions for sustainability. Skift - Business Climate Leaders is a good network for searching together across a complicated value chain to find solutions.

The ambition is a climate-positive value chain within construction and buildings by 2050. This includes the entire value chain, from the use of the land lot, through the construction process and use of materials (including manufacturing and transportation), to the utilization of the building.

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