What we do

We are a business driven climate initiative. Our goal is to help Norway reach its climate goals for 2030.

Big Climate Shifts | Projects | Principles for Sustainable Business

Big Climate Shifts

What big changes must Norway go through to make sure we cut our emissions by 55 percent by 2030, and at the same time create competitive advantages for Norwegian businesses? Skift brings together Norwegian top executives to point out the possibilities of a zero-emission society, and the tools we need to get there.

Circular Economy

Store klimaskift sirkulær økonomi

On a globe with finite resources, and an ecosystem pushed to its limits, value chains must become circular.

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Lesesal UIO

Lack of sufficient knowledge and competence is a key barrier for Norwegian business in the face of the major economic and societal changes we are facing.

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Food and Agriculture


The principles developed within food and agriculture points to what the value chain for food must go through in order to create a competitive business life at the same time as we reach the climate target.

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Construction and Buildings

Sametinget Karasjok Foto Trond Isaksen

Better utilization of the buildings we already have and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions are the most important measures for a greener construction and buildings sector.

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Climate Change Adaption

Foto Fremtind gronn

The Norwegian climate is changing. Businesses in Norway must address this already today.

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Urban Development

Illustrasjon Asplan Viak og MAD Arkitekter

We must shift urban development from measures that we believe will pay off in the future, to measures that we know reduce emissions here and now.

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Transport and Mobility

Store klimaskift transport og mobilitet

Zero emission technology, optimization, and changed habits. In a sustainable society, our transport needs will be met in new ways.

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Store klimaskift finans

Long-term investments demand long-term perspectives. The finance industry manages the pension funds of millennials. This has implications for everyone in the business sector.

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Store klimaskift energi

Norway needs new export industries. Zero emission fuels, and the technology to use it for long distance shipping, should be one of them.

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Green Digitalization

Store klimaskift grønn digitalisering

In the past year, the digitization of society has gone into high gear. There is great potential for emission cuts in this shift.

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Many of our members and partners have come together to collaborate on certain focus areas. The projects are lead by our members, with support from the secretariat and our partners ZERO and WWF Norway.

Skift to nature (Skift til natur)


Loss of nature and biodiversity is a large problem and contributes to climate emissions. We want to change the current trend of monoculture lawns towards more nature and biodiversity.

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The Skift Programme

Bilde pwc

Can we give the green shift more horsepower by inspiring, learning and challenging each other?

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Klimakontrollen (NO)

65 H1376

Klimakontrollen sheds light on the status of Norwegian climate policy and monitors the progress of reaching national climate goals.

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Annual Report

Årsrapport Skift

In the annual report for 2022, you can read more about which collaborations, initiatives and competence development the Skift network has focused on throughout 2022.

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Renewable Svalbard

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Norway’s only coal-dependent community is located where climate change is happening at the fastest rate. Could it be a showcase for renewables instead?

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Podcast - Climate Optimists


Erik Solheim and Jens Ulltveit-Moe invite inspiring personalities from Norway and aroud the world to share their perspectives on climate solutions.

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Climate Neutral Nordic

Norden och eu 1 800px

The Initiative Climate Neutral Nordic is a joint venture between Nordic governments and Nordic businesses. Together we aim at strengthening Nordic competitiveness and contribute to making the Nordic region the most sustainable and integrated region in the world.

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Circularity Gap Report

Skjermbilde 2021 01 14 kl 15 56 36

How can Norway become a pioneer in the circular economy? We have contributed to preparing a "Circularity Gap Report" for Norway that shows the way.

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Skifts members will use their purchasing power to increase demand for zero emission utility transport.

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Showcase Oslo


Good city infrastructure is in itself an enormously potent climate solution. Oslo wishes to be at the forefront of climate friendly cities built for people.

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Principles for Sustainable Business

Sign, implement, share and learn! Skifts principles for sustainable business are tools to get better at sustainability practises together.