New Nordic joint Policy Paper: Carbon Capture and Storage on waste incineration (CCS)

Posted on Wednesday 14. Sep 2022

Policy paper bilde

As part of the project “Nordic Innovation Power”, Skift Business Climate Leaders has been leading a nordic workstream aiming to scale up green innovations in the Nordic region.

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Deepened relations between Nordic policy makers and Nordic business climate leaders can speed up climate transformation

Posted on Monday 28. Mar 2022

Nina jouni björn

The current geopolitical landscape shows how vulnerable we are. We are witnessing a new unstable world and at the same time the climate crisis is becoming more and more visible.

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Business groups affirm support for people of Ukraine and call on EU to accelerate Europe’s green transition to strengthen energy security

Posted on Monday 21. Mar 2022

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As the crisis in Ukraine worsens, Skift is joining leading sustainability business groups and urging the EU to ‘double down’ on delivering the energy transition laid out in the Green Deal as the best way to manage current and increasing risks from energy insecurity.

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Professor Jeffrey Sachs met with Skift Business Climate Leaders

Posted on Wednesday 12. Jan 2022

2019 JDS Gabriella C Marino

Watch Jeffrey Sachs, University Professor and Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University and SDG Advocate for UN Secretary-General António Guterres give his views on the climate challenges we are facing.

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40 Nordic CEOs are very concerned about climate change

Posted on Monday 10. Jan 2022

Josh pigford R Jdt6w Gw4wk unsplash

40 Nordic CEOs very concerned about climate change and urge policy makers to speed up solutions for climate mitigation.

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COP26: Steps forward on carbon pricing but major tasks ahead

Posted on Friday 19. Nov 2021

Nina jouni björn

COP26 in Glasgow has recently been finalised. Climate Leadership Coalition, Haga Initiative and Skift – Business Climate Leaders analyse the developments in carbon pricing.

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Business leaders urge governments to ramp up carbon pricing

Posted on Monday 25. Oct 2021

Nina jouni björn

On the eve of the COP 26 UN Climate Change Conference, leaders from more than 100 businesses, cities, universities and business associations and networks call on governments to ramp up carbon pricing.

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Paul Polman met with Norwegian business climate leaders

Posted on Friday 15. Oct 2021

Paul Polman 2014

Watch Paul Polman, the former CEO of Unilever and founder of Imagine, give an inspiring talk to the members of Skift – Business Climate Leaders about his new book, Net Positive.

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Nordic initiative for effective carbon price gains international support

Posted on Monday 29. Mar 2021

Anne nygard vc v Pg Gq Ar4 unsplash

The Call on Carbon initiative was presented to Nordic companies at a webinar on 29 March, with representatives from the Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish governments present in the meeting.

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Skift teams up with Nordic business networks in call for carbon pricing

Posted on Tuesday 16. Feb 2021

Timothy eberly o849qj6t2qo unsplash

We need a global price on carbon. Climate Leadership Coalition, Haga Initiative and Skift - Business Climate Leaders launch initiative to ramp up climate investments and effective carbon pricing.

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European business leaders call for higher ambitions in the EU 2030 emission target

Posted on Tuesday 8. Dec 2020

European Council 38185339475

A twitter storm erupted ahead of the videoconference of European Affairs Ministers today. The ministers will prepare the European Council, and business leaders from over 200 international companies and organizations urge them to raise the emission targets to at least 55 percent.

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Skift - Business Climate Leaders launch international call to action against greenwashing

Posted on Friday 6. Nov 2020

Collage global launch

Greenwashing is detrimental to both business and the common effort to avert the climate crisis, claims Norwegian organization, supported by over 200 companies. Their call to action is supported by other business networks, as well as former CEO of Unilever, Paul Polman, and the President of European Parliament Environment Committee, Pascal Canfin.

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Skift - Business Climate Leaders and The Climate House Oslo, presents Norwegian solutions to the climate crisis with TED Countdown

Posted on Tuesday 6. Oct 2020

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– We will both present solutions from Norway and Scandinavia to the world, and be inspired by ideas an solutions from the global stage, says CEO in Skift, Bjørn Kjærand Haugland.

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Norway203040 changes its name to Skift

Posted on Friday 23. Aug 2019

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Norway203040 changes its name to Skift in line with the increased governmental ambitions to cut Norway’s GHG emissions by an additional 5% within 2030. Despite these new objectives, emissions are still increasing. With this current emission rate UN Organizations and scientists alert alarming consequences with regard to nature destruction, biodiversity, migration and extreme weather. We are in a state of urgency. We need a shift.

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