Climate Neutral Nordic


The Initiative Climate Neutral Nordic is a joint venture between Nordic governments and Nordic businesses. Together we aim at strengthening Nordic competitiveness and contribute to making the Nordic region the most sustainable and integrated region in the world.

Climate Neutral Nordic is a collaboration between the three Nordic business networks Hagainitiativet (SE), Climate Leadership Coalition (FI) and Skift - Business Climate Leaders (NO). Over a period of three years, the partners are working on 10 different projects, aiming at bringing business perspectives to the Nordic debate on climate change, green competitiveness and innovation. The projects have funding from the Nordic Council of Ministers.

40 Nordic CEOs very concerned about climate change and urge policy makers to speed up solutions for climate mitigation

An interview study among leading businesses in the Nordics on raised climate ambitions shows that Nordic business leaders are concerned about climate change and its consequences and expressed the need to ramp up climate actions. All of the CEOs regarded climate change as a threat. Nordic companies can play a key role delivering climate solutions worldwide and help their customers and countries to align with the 1.5°C target.

The 40 interviewed business leaders’ represent companies with approximately 1.2 million employees across the globe. The aggregated revenue of the companies is around 326 billion EUR, corresponding to approximately 24 percent of the GDP of the Nordic region.

Nordic business leaders are asking policy makers for strong incentives, especially in developing and commercialising climate solutions faster. The Nordic business leaders are clear about which incentives they want to see, such as carbon pricing, higher climate requirements in public procurement, and standardized methodology on companies’ climate reporting. The majority of business leaders preferred carbon pricing, either in the form of carbon tax or emission trading scheme, as an instrument for decarbonization.

The study shows that Nordic business leaders are alarmed by climate change but also feel a big commitment and responsibility to be a part of the solution by aligning with the 1.5°C target. The COVID-19 pandemic had small negative effects on the Nordic climate transition, it has rather given new perspectives on how to handle a severe crisis.

Read the full report here.

See the webinar/launch of the report here.

Nordic Innovation Power

In order to become the most sustainable and competitive region in the world, the Nordic countries must cooperate to become a testbed for new technology, innovations, and business models. There are several innovative development projects underway in the Nordic region, for example carbon capture and storage in the North Sea, the “HYBRIT” project on fossil-free steel production, and the“Solein-protein” produced by Solar Foods in Finland. With knowledge and incentives for higher demand it is possible to scale up these innovative projects into markets.

The Nordic Innovation Power project aims at facilitating the upscaling of green technology in the Nordic countries by arranging joint visits to relevant facilities where Nordic politicians and the Nordic business community meet and discuss what policy changes are needed. The outcome of the meetings can, among other things, identify new collaborators and contribute to a more accurate picture of how businesses transform and how innovations are scalable. It should also contribute to understanding what political measures are needed to strengthen Nordic innovation power.

In December 2021, we facilitated a meeting to discuss the possibilities for scaling up carbon capture and storage technology on waste management facilities in the Nordic countries. the insights from the webinar have been summed up in a policy paper.

Read the policy paper here.

In 2022 we will meet to discuss the business case for CO2 removal and share best practices across the Nordic countries. The insights from the meetings will be summarized in policy papers to be delivered to the Nordic ministers.